On Painting

Earthskin lemon tree

The film referred to in the poem below is “Dream of Light”, https://vimeo.com/216873932

After O’Hara
Why I am not…

I am not a poet
I am a painter
Why? I think I would rather be
a poet, but I am not

as soon as I saw the yellow
lemons hanging plump as moons
shining out from their orbit of stilled
leaves all glossy with sun
I thought of Antonio Lopez Garcia
and his quince the courtyard and
the Spanish sun I was remembering how absorbed I was
in that slow-moving film
slow as paint drying I remember how Antonio
knocked two nails into the ground took his stance
centered himself on the tree
with plumb bob and horizontal line
how he laid down white marks crosses
carefully drawn on fruit and leaves
so he would know his path

Painter after painter ruin after ruin
age after age the painter’s gaze
faithfully receives the world

to the tree growing within to the ripening beauty
imperishable presence of lemons
quince or O’Hara’s SARDINES to the things
we vivid see that drop us into stillness

though the leaf curls the fruit darkens
and the flesh rots

ripening beauty

2 thoughts on “On Painting

  1. Kimberly Christie

    Maybe you can be more than just one thing in this life 😉 Maybe you can be ALL OF IT. All of Life … from your particularly beautiful perspective 🙂 LOVING your blog posts!

    1. Gabryel Harrison Post author

      Hi Kim

      i am so glad i took your advice to bring my camera, having fun with these posts, thanks for your comment
      see you when i get back

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