International Art Center Gallery

GabryelHarrison 60 x 60 cm Canvases now Available

It is our pleasure to offer enchanting small canvases by Vancouver based Gabryel Harrison. This new series has a luscious, vibrant new pallet and will be on view from Thursday 22nd September. We look forward to seeing you here in the gallery.

Working in translucent layers of oil paint, the artist sometimes incorporates crushed rose petals or other organic or inorganic matter that becomes a physical carrier of meaning and memory. Gold leaf is occasionally used in symbolic reference to the transmutation of human consciousness, the objective of spiritual alchemy.The artist also explores text, including the physical meditation of inscribing words, phrases and marks into the surface of her paintings. The gesture reinforces her philosophy that words, and the imaginative impulse behind them, have the power to transform reality. The physical acts of painting and of writing is the artist’s self-abandonment to the challenge of life’s ambiguities, her pleasures, her melancholy, her tenderness and her joys.


Extravagent Ruby
Oil on canvas