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Chor Leoni Commission

These paintings arose from a project of collaboration between myself and Chor Leoni, a renowned all male choir based in Vancouver B.C. At the invitation of Erick Lichte, Artistic Director, I was tasked with creating a work of art that would reveal the inspiration, reflect the devotion, and tell the stories that might make more evident the endless dedication of these men to each other, the choir and to their audiences at home and abroad.

I gave the men a few open-ended questions and invited them to answer by email, phone conversation or visit. These questions I felt might be useful as springboards but were meant to be discarded as necessary, simply signposts to begin to understand the story of each man’s wonderfully unique journey to singing in Chor Leoni. It was from these remarkably deep, heartfelt and insightful responses that i crafted the poem embedded in these paintings.

ChorLeoni_17-18brochure_12pg_200dpiREV Winsor Gallery

November 4 – 27

Sensuous and richly textured, the mixed-media paintings of New Zealand–born Vancouver artist and poet Gabryel Harrison, exhibited at the Winsor Gallery from Thursday (November 4) to November 27, beg to be touched. In eight of the 16 pieces on display, Harrison had her poetry translated into Braille, which she then applied to panels and covered with gold leaf, giving the work added meaning hidden in plain view. For her piece Spill 1 (Agamemnon Channel) (seen above), Harrison applied gold leaf and bitumen to a marine chart, sounding a message as clear as a scream. A video piece and a sound sculpture round out the exhibition, which also features the artist’s deep-hued floral oil paintings…

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Vancouver Courier

Painter’s latest exhibition full of textual appeal. Former New Zealander gets poetic about Braille, leather pants.



Gabryel Harrison’s latest exhibition, All The Things I Never Said, is a series of mixed-media paintings incorporating Braille, which the poet and painter succinctly says is about sex, death and money. The former New Zealander took time from her busy schedule to discuss love, language and subtle nuances of wearing leather pants…