Where Gannets Leap

Where Gannets Leap

You can view the fledglings from the cliff top where about 1200 gannet pairs are nesting. At this time of the year, March and April the young are leaving the nest to take their first flight.

The poem below was written here at Muriwai in response to the recent death by suicide of O.

Whoever lets go in his fall, dives into the source and is healed

Sometimes a man stands up
calls their Beloved on the phone to tell them
I love you
rings the florist to say again in flowers
I want you to remember I always loved you
and keeps on walking

I think of this as I walk along the ridge
feeling the beckoning arms of the surf below
By my side waves on leaning lances
wild agapanthus standing tall phalanx of stems
bearing aloft their sky-blue crowns
Flower of love guiding each tender soul
down the path to the western sea

The black dog barks its warning I am given a pass
the gates are not open to me not this day
What gates of suffering could not be closed for
What dark undertow led him to that bridge
what edge called him from his skin that day

He departed as a bird falling
falling upward into the greatest immensity
launching himself as a fledgling dives
into that abyss we all must go like gannets leap
birthing themselves headlong
into the tides of light