Master copies

Morandi is always an inspiration

I am looking at Morandi’s prints, in particular, his still life with shells, and my favorite,”Campo di tennis ai Giardini Margherita a Bologna” 1921.

There is much to be learned from copying an image. I am discovering this as I work in pencil to translate the delicate black lines he once scribed and scratched onto a copperplate so many years ago. I cannot match the quality of light to be found with the softness of a lead pencil bleeding into the paper. I imagine I can feel the tenderness he brought to the images, the way he created and held lights while retaining rich, varied and velvety blacks. His deft touch was so precise and yet simultaneously, full of feeling.

These images can be found in the book; Giorgio Morandi Lines of Poetry,

Home tennis court in Auckland.

Morandi inspires a series