Letter from the studio


As December draws close, a holiday tradition has been to thank all my friends and supporters with an afternoon of jazz, food and cheer at my studio. This year I am making a change and look to a new possibility, springtime of 2018, to offer this gathering of thanks. You are still welcomed to book a time with me for a personal studio visit during this season if you wish. A very big thank you to those who have supported my work over this and other years and I look forward to seeing you at a new date. Stay posted and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I have just returned from a short journey of renewal. Meditation practice with Roshi Joan Halifax at Upaya Zen Centre, and gallery visits in the extraordinary light and space of Santa Fe New Mexico.

Returning to the moist spell of cedar forest and early darkness as we approach the holiday season, I sit with my laptop in front of my studio wood stove and watch flames crackle. So much to let go of. Everything is in transition, there is no escape. In these logs, I watch the released sunlight of beautiful summer days burn to ash, a century of growth giving off its heat so that I may be warmed. May we live generously.

I am reminded of one of the “Five Remembrances” in the Buddhist canon:

“My actions are my only true belongings.
I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.
My actions are the ground upon which I stand.”

In this world of increasing violence, chaos and greed, the simplest of gestures in this season of extravagance can be the richest gift. Do not underestimate the kindness of the heart, the generosity of spirit that freely given will brighten another soul’s day. Nothing needs to be wrapped, give of yourself, generously.

with warmth, Gabryel

4 thoughts on “Letter from the studio

  1. Gwen Donaldson

    Great to hear from you. would you please change my email to my new one. Thanks so much.

  2. Sandy Silver

    Love that you keep us on your subscription list. Looking forward to your spring get to together.

    Love, Sandy

  3. Joan

    Thank you, Gabryel. I am inspired by your beautiful words. Your message has helped me to pare down to my essence as the giant footsteps of the holiday season prepare to ascend. Already I feel calmer, more whole.

    With love and gratitude.

  4. Em

    Hello Gabryel, I’m so happy to see your post popping into email.
    Would still love a gallery visit in the city.
    The very best of the season to you.

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