Creative Inquiry

Chögyam Trungpa used to say:
“The question is the answer”

Studio for Creative Inquiry

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Creative Inquiry is a process and a practice to bring us into deeper relation with our own essential nature. Transformation arises naturally in the creative process. Every one thing is inside another. Mind, heart and + hands explore these interrelations with brush, pen, spade, camera or clay. Art-making or soul-making is essentially the practice of deepening the questions. Who am I? Why am I here? From where did I come and to where am I going? What is my path, my calling-what is alive in me right now? What is my deepest intention?

banner“Learning to shed the skin of one’s habitual tendencies, conditioning, and negative emotions – and discover the real nature of your mind – is true creativity.”
Tibetan monk Mathieu Ricard

These questions are often found at the core of our life, at each life transition and in our art practice.

It is through the state of being in question that discovery and growth arises. There is a longing and a need in each of us to open to the inner inquiry, to discover by our own making, the path to self-knowledge and self-awareness. Cultivating our creative expressions we begin to naturally attune ourselves to the inner intelligence of our body/mind and to the wise voice of our intuition, felt-sense, or knowingness.

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The Intuitive Path – TBA

Contemplative practice, meditation, is used to support and strengthen the creative inquiry of each individual. Sitting still, bearing witness to wild mind is the simple practice of bringing direct awareness to the experience of each present moment. Practice brings clarity and calms the mind, enabling you to see through projections, interpretations and concepts and to know the freedom of a direct experience of reality. Meditation is the ground that leads us to the awakened I as well as to the awakened eye.

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Field Notes – TBA

fieldnotes june 2010
Field Notes at the River – place space & awareness
Gabryel Harrison and The Studio for Creative Inquiry bring you this writing workshop to explore your inner and outer words in a unique natural setting on the edge of the Fraser River. Field Notes combines felt-sense, imagination, direct observation and contemplation, o awaken, inspire and connect you to your creative body and body of earth.

For more information please download the following pdf – fieldnotesJune10

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Gabryel’s guidance into this intuitive writing class was gentle, caring and profoundly powerful. It was a writing journey that took me into my soul. Her thought provoking questions opened doors of awareness for me that I did not know existed. At times when I read my written words I actually was wondering who wrote them. Gabryell is listening to her intuition and it was a pure pleasure to be riding this creative wave with her and to share it with an amazing groupof women.
With deep gratitude,
Carolyn Temes

The Intuitive Path: Based on a lifetime devoted to the creative process, and a reverence for the natural world, Gabryel brings a profound passion and meditation, discourse, contemplation, reading and writing. Through an exploration of provocative questions, supported by an extensive collection of writings from many poets and authors, Gabryel skillfully facilitates a sacred circle of sharing. Quietly radiant and deeply responsive, Gabryel embodies the shadow and the light in grace-filled gratitude. Inviting the inner river, full of feeling and memory and wisdom to flow, The Intuitive Path becomes a soulstream, awakening trust of one’s inner process. Writing becomes a gateway to freedom – not necessarily being free of our suffering and negativity, simply not being bound by it. Gabryel is a gifted teacher, The Intuitive Path is a transformation. In these times of great instability and destruction, this path cultivates a connection to what is indestructible.
Sharon Abbondanza

Gabryel is a most talented and perceptive teacher. I love simply being in her presence, absorbing her wisdom, craft and curiosity, and working with her and the group to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Gabryel views the world with artists’ eyes and sensibilities, and as such, little escapes her acuity and attention to detail. Our work with Gabryel was more about entering a state of being, of creativity, courage and wakefulness than it was about simply writing. Gabryel’s grounding meditation at the start of each class followed by a plethora of literature to launch each evening’s writing quest, set the tone for exploration, discovery, openness and vulnerability, honesty, compassion and sharing. We worked through the senses, learning to truly listen and be still. With each week, we would delve a little further into our truths and walk away knowing that we had shaped another amazing session by which to ponder and continue our explorations of the unexpressed in each of us. Gabryel’s
classes are a joy and a blessing.
Deborah Roos

Gabryel’s intuitive approach to writing is a gift. Through meditation, writing examples, images and her sensitivity of spirit, she leads us into the labyrinth of our own psyches and experience where with pen and paper we discover lost parts of ourselves, insights and knowledge we might not know is there. Gems, that make healing possible. The sharing has created a container and community we all have come to cherish. The work I have done in our two workshops has coincided with new growth and change that has led me deeper into myself. I recommend Gabryel’s writing workshop highly. You won’t be disappointed.
Heather Miller

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