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Artist Residency

I am excited to say that I have been accepted for a month-long artist residency in New Zealand, this March 2019. As I near the mid-point of my 60th year, I feel a bit like our native salmon who instinctually navigate themselves to the stream of their birth years after swimming in a wide and faraway sea. My intention is to relax into the land of my beginnings, to feel the currents of air and water that first entered my being. Given a studio in which to experiment and explore, how might these influences inform my work?

I will be posting on my blog now and then. If you wish to share a glimpse into my adventure, I invite you to check my website, go to “blog” and follow along.

Earthskin Muriwai is a sanctuary of simplicity and silence,
amidst nature – where during creative exploration we can
move beyond the self to a deeper consciousness.

This is a place where the sacred blending of human and nature connect and has the opportunity to be re-cognised.
This place allows deep quiet and immersion, the land becomes the True Teacher.

Autumn News

Successful Auckland Exhibition

Catalogue for “Four Seasons”
I am excited to share with you the online version of this handsome catalog printed by my Auckland gallery, International Art Center, in conjunction with my very successful solo show “Four Seasons.” For those of you who might want to gain further insight into my floral work, this catalog includes writings which provide an overview of some common, historical and universal themes I continue to explore in the genre.

Please consider supporting SPLASH Art Auction for the benefit of young creators
I’m thrilled to have my work included in a strong roster of artists in support of Arts Umbrella’s excellent art programs for children at the Splash Art Auction which takes place October 13/ 2018 at Vancouver’s Fairmont Hotel. I have been contributing for a dozen years and each time look forward to witnessing the amazing performances these young artists gift us on the night. The training and the love they receive from the fantastic instructors and administrators at Arts Umbrella is unaccountably valuable. I am proud to be a supporter.

Tickets are sold out, which is great news, but there is a waitlist being taken and it’s possible to make absentee bids.

“Passionate Chorus” at Splash Art Auction

Finally and importantly, I am excited to invite you to view a new collection of paintings!

Please join us on Thursday, October 18th from 5-8pm to celebrate the launch of work by Gabryel Harrison. There will be live jazz and cocktails.

Owned and exquisitely curated by Bonnie Wilson, Gild &Co is a welcoming new environment to showcase my florals and landscapes.

Summer Salon and Sale

Dear friends

as mentioned in my “letter from the studio” sent out in December of 2017, I am following up with an invitation to join me at a Summer Salon and sale June 23rd, 2-6pm.

The studio of artist and friend Christian Nicolay will also be open for viewing. As a thank you to all those who support me in myriad different ways to bring my work to the world, I look forward to hosting you and your guest/s  for an afternoon of food, drink, and live jazz in my studio environment. To acknowledge this deep appreciation of you and the gift of this support, my work will be available for sale at a “friends and family” cost for this day.

I will be giving a portion of all proceeds to my newly created bursary: “EdgeStates Gift”. It will be awarded annually to a person experiencing a challenge, life crisis or an opportunity to take a creative leap who would benefit from a financial gift. In the joy of giving and in the gratitude for all I have received, EdgeStates Gift is meant to benefit one other as I have so many times been gifted in the course of life’s journey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the fabulous talent of Vancouver musicians Dave Mergens on sax with Max Zipursky, (“one of Vancouver’s edgiest pianists”). They, with friends, will play unique takes on old jazz standards, hip-hop, and soul as well as original material. Please see videos below.

Please RSVP on my follow up evite

warmly, Gabryel

Letter from the studio


As December draws close, a holiday tradition has been to thank all my friends and supporters with an afternoon of jazz, food and cheer at my studio. This year I am making a change and look to a new possibility, springtime of 2018, to offer this gathering of thanks. You are still welcomed to book a time with me for a personal studio visit during this season if you wish. A very big thank you to those who have supported my work over this and other years and I look forward to seeing you at a new date. Stay posted and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I have just returned from a short journey of renewal. Meditation practice with Roshi Joan Halifax at Upaya Zen Centre, and gallery visits in the extraordinary light and space of Santa Fe New Mexico.

Returning to the moist spell of cedar forest and early darkness as we approach the holiday season, I sit with my laptop in front of my studio wood stove and watch flames crackle. So much to let go of. Everything is in transition, there is no escape. In these logs, I watch the released sunlight of beautiful summer days burn to ash, a century of growth giving off its heat so that I may be warmed. May we live generously.

I am reminded of one of the “Five Remembrances” in the Buddhist canon:

“My actions are my only true belongings.
I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.
My actions are the ground upon which I stand.”

In this world of increasing violence, chaos and greed, the simplest of gestures in this season of extravagance can be the richest gift. Do not underestimate the kindness of the heart, the generosity of spirit that freely given will brighten another soul’s day. Nothing needs to be wrapped, give of yourself, generously.

with warmth, Gabryel

Winter Sale and Open Studio

invite_gabryel-harrison_2016_gabryelYou are invited! Please join me in my studio,

Sunday December 4th, 2-6pm 7520 Balaclava St. Vancouver B.C.

My open studio event has become an exciting winter holiday tradition. Each year I open for a few hours to celebrate my friends, family and supporters with a small exhibition of eclectic work curated from the year’s studies, experiments and explorations.

I welcome this opportunity to present works in a very different scale and to play with poetic texts and collage as well as my more well known floral motifs. I conceive these paintings as petite meditations, bringing surprises to the color palette and continuing to introduce small studies of the landscape inspired by my riverside location. For a modest cost, I am also offering you the chance to purchase a limited edition woodblock print.

You will be treated to amazing live jazz with the Max Zipursky Trio,  inspired food, wine and the pleasures of meeting and mingling with great people in the warmth of a room heated by a wood fire.

This year I am delighted to share that I am pledging 10% of all sales to support Rebecca Bligh in her igolu Global Leadership journey to Ethiopia. This is an amazing initiative of leadership development and will be a fully facilitated training for 325 government officials, community leaders and teachers in communities throughout Ethiopia to empower and elevate the education system. Rebecca will be in attendance to answer your questions, or you can go to for more information.

I look forward to seeing you

warmly, Gabryel

For those of you who cannot attend, I wish you a great holiday with your friends and family. May it be peaceful and reflect brightly, the values of oneness and harmony.

Winsor Gallery: The Arc of Our Disappearance

I would like to welcome you all to view my latest body of work.


Click here to view the 27-page online catalogue of Gabryel’s work

Winsor Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Gabryel Harrison. The exhibition entitled The Arc of Our Disappearance will run from May 28 through June 30, 2016. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 28, between 2 and 4 pm. The artist will be in attendance.

“Every flower has its own cosmology, its own relationship to the foliage, to the air around it”. -Jane Freilicher

About Gabryel Harrison
Gabryel Harrison was born in Tauranga, New Zealand in 1959. She works predominately in the medium of oil painting, but her body of work includes printmaking, texts, video and sculptural objects. She has had solo shows in Vancouver since 2007 at Winsor Gallery with solo shows in Auckland at The International Art Center. The artist received her BA with a Concentration in Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa.

The beauty in Harrison’s paintings is marred – but not diminished – by crude drips and slashes that move her oeuvre out of the realm of representation and into that of experience. This sensation is owed as much to her use of colour as it does to her energetic stroke. Swathes of soft pinks and lavenders, golds and creams, remind us that colour “is not something daubed onto a pre-existing shape, filling a form”: it has its own, phenomenological form that we experience both a retinal and bodily manner. “ (Excerpt from Heart Wide Open by Alex MF Quicho.)

Gabryel Harrison currently lives and works in Vancouver, B.C. Her work can be found in private collections across Canada, the US and abroad.

The Province: Painting poetry into her work

Once upon a time, this writer was invited to visit artist Gabryel Harrison’s
studio in the Southlands area of the city.
To have that opportunity with any artist is a cherished one, a chance to
experience the environment that directly informs the creative experience.
Alas, it’s a visit that has yet to be paid.
Luckily, there is our feature Portraits of an Artist, a weekly chat with
an artist who has a current exhibit in town. Harrison has such a show.
It’s titled All the Things I Never Said and opens tonight at the Winsor
Gallery (3025 Granville St.)…


Art Toronto 2013: Winsor Gallery


Winsor Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at Art Toronto 2013. This year, the gallery will have a larger presence at the fair hosting two booths, (#634 and #638). A wide range of artists will be represented by the gallery at the Toronto international Art Fair, including the florals of Gabryel Harrison.

Founded in 2000, Art Toronto is one of the most successful fairs in North America. Art Toronto is held annually at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Canada’s top convention and trade-show facility located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building, Exhibit Hall A & B
255 Front Street West

Thursday, October 24, 2013
Special Collector’s Preview 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Opening Night Preview 6:30pm to 10:00pm
PUBLIC HOURS Friday October 25th to Monday October 28th, 2013 Friday & Saturday – Noon to 8pm Sunday & Monday – Noon to 6pm