Artist Residency

I am excited to say that I have been accepted for a month-long artist residency in New Zealand, this March 2019. As I near the mid-point of my 60th year, I feel a bit like our native salmon who instinctually navigate themselves to the stream of their birth years after swimming in a wide and faraway sea. My intention is to relax into the land of my beginnings, to feel the currents of air and water that first entered my being. Given a studio in which to experiment and explore, how might these influences inform my work?

I will be posting on my blog now and then. If you wish to share a glimpse into my adventure, I invite you to check my website, go to “blog” and follow along.

Earthskin Muriwai is a sanctuary of simplicity and silence,
amidst nature – where during creative exploration we can
move beyond the self to a deeper consciousness.

This is a place where the sacred blending of human and nature connect and has the opportunity to be re-cognised.
This place allows deep quiet and immersion, the land becomes the True Teacher.

10 thoughts on “Artist Residency

  1. Maureen Jack-LaCroix

    Dear Gabryel,
    I am delighted to hear of your good fortune and look forward to hearing more of your adventure with your blog.
    Is it possible to receive an email alerting me to your blog entries as they happen?
    Many blessings of love and light to you, my friend.
    xo Maureen

    1. Gabryel Harrison Post author

      Dear Maureen
      thanks for your reply, I am not notifying people, please just look at your leisure.

  2. David Haughton

    Bravo Gabryel!

    I’m hoping I won’t have to return to the rather polluted streams of Philadelphia!

    Travel safely. Paint dangerously!

    with affection and respect,


  3. Rebecca Holand

    How wonderful! Hope to see some new work upon your return. We met briefly at your xmas show at Parker Street. I have admired your work from afar for much longer. Your generosity of spirit shines through all that you create. Rebecca

    1. Gabryel Harrison Post author

      HI Rebecca

      thanks for your kind words! Hope to see you again …maybe at Parker

  4. Joan

    So happy for you . . . this rejuvenation truly honours both your roots and your emergence into the deeper waters of spirituality, of wisdom, of love.

    1. Gabryel Harrison Post author

      Dear Joan

      Thank you for your kind comment, great to hear from you
      It is truly beautiful and supportive here

  5. Sandy

    Great news ! Linda and I are in New Zealand as you read this. We have toured the South Isalnd and we will be going to the North Island tomorrow. If I was thirty hears younger I would live here. We are off to Australia in early March. Somehow I don’t think it will move me as much!
    I will be thinking of you during your residency inNew Zealand and know that you will be fed by its riches.

    Love, Sandy

    1. Gabryel Harrison Post author

      Dear Sandy

      How wonderful that you have been here and love it as I do….I hope to continue to spend time here each year, it is a wonderful place with warm spirited and generous people, resourceful humorous and not afraid to tell you what they think!!

      sending love to you and Linda, safe travels and lets have coffee when we are both back in Vancouver

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